Best way to get 100 Followers and be in Medium Partnership Program

2 min readApr 4, 2022

Change to guideline for Medium Partnership Program

Medium has recently changed their partnership program guidelines that require the writer to have at least 100 followers, publish at least one story on Medium and subsequently publish at least one story every 6 months.

If you are here, our goals are the same! That is to grow our followers base quick, exceed100 followers and enter the Partnership program.

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The 48 Hours 100 Followers Challenge aka Follow for Follow

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow me
  2. Leave claps on my post (As many as possible. You’re allowed up to 50)
  3. Leave a comment letting others know you’re participating & introduce yourself if you’d like
  4. I follow you back

Tips to get follow/follow back from others

If you are commenting to seek follow, it would help to do the following and [the reasons for doing so]:

  • It would help to mention in the comment section that you would follow back [Pledge your commitment and set you aside from those who don’t deliver]
  • Do thanks the person who follow and please follow back [Your credibility is at stake]
  • If you are unable to commit to follow back after a certain period or after you reach a certain number of followers, please indicate it in the comment too [Manage other expectation]

If you are following others in the comment section:

  • Unless specify by the person, do reply the person to let him/her know you have followed
  • Thanks the person who follow back [Help to distinguish those who would follow back]

All the best

Thanks for reading & Following :) Do check out the medium writer survival guide below and if you are interested to be a medium member, you can sign up via this link. See you in the comments below!

Medium Writer Survival Guide (Free)

1. My 5 secret formulas to good medium writing

Please check out my secret formulas to good medium writing in the link below, it is free. Hope it helps, cheers!

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Learn how UX can be applied to optimise your readers’ experience and grow your community.




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