My 5 secret formulas to good medium writing

4 min readApr 30, 2022


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1. Freemium model

If you look through my articles, I do join the medium partner programme and get some allowance from it. However, not everything in life is down to the dollars and cents. In that sense, I do not paywall all my articles.

To me, writing is a enjoyable process as I get to express myself and at the same time, share my passion and enthusiasm on topics that I am interested in. Hence, I genuinely wants to help fellow/new medium writer kick-start and further their writing journey.

Therefore, I decide that I would not paywall such articles. From hindsight, a freemium model is ideal as it allows you to engage non-paying subscribers (who may potentially subscribe one day) and widen your outreach.

2. Picture speaks a thousand words

Take a deep breathe and ask yourself honestly, what are the chances you will bother reading a short one-page article without any picture? Let alone a more wordy article where you have to scroll down.

That’s why, please please please include picture into your article. If you don’t, similar articles would and the readers would be more inclined to click on their articles while searching for articles, which bring us to the next point.

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3. Original Content cause you are special!

Originality is the most important formula towards writing articles! It is okay to be inspired by other articles, however, it is a BIG NO to copy others articles and do superficial/cosmetic edits to the wording.

Copying other articles may bring varying success in the short run, but it would not take you far, over time, your reader would realise it. Copying articles would not bringing you far, it just make you mediocre. What bring popular influencers far are expressing their uniqueness. Blogging is no different.

Everyone is unique and special! Writing allow you to express yourself. Being yourself can take you far as it allows you to enjoy the process of expressing yourself.

4. Concise

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Not saying that dummy book are bad, but if you pick up those dummy for coding, you would realise that some concepts are overexplained. Some readers like me are more impatient/busy and would look for medium articles or youtube video to get a more concise explanation. Hence, it is good to save your readers some pain by being more concise.

5. Build up your community

Writing/Blogging is not one-directional posting of what you write. You are writing so that your readers could enjoy, learn or be inspired from it. It is important to know what your readers feel of your articles and so that you could improve further to attract new readers and retain existing readers.

To do so, you should market your articles. There are lots of social group out there in social media group (facebook), forums (reddit) and messaging platform (discord). Do not be afraid to share, and most importantly, be receptive to constructive feedback.

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Do also tap on the 100 Followers Challenge to grow your followers base and meet great fellow writers!




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